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Providing Hertfordshire and Kent with teaching services for the last eight years at Adventure Tuition we work with schools, nurseries, local authorities and families to offer excellent freelance teaching supply services including; whole class teaching, intervention groups, training and SLT cover. 

We are fully qualified and experienced teachers working across reception, key stage one and two. 

In unprecedented times for staffing high quality teachers we understand that for senior leaders getting experienced, reliable and timely support is key. 

Using a local teacher/advisor offers schools a reliable and flexible way to meet their students needs without paying finder fees. If you are looking for a teacher for adhoc days or short or long term placements we can offer reliable and knowledgeable support to meet your budget. 

As well as supply teaching services we also offer one to one support for children who need to close learning gaps. This is an excellent way of using your pupil premium funding for all children or to provide extra support for children to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We offer a range of regular sessions but you can slo ask us to run subject specific classes by emailing us directly. 

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