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Privacy notice – customers of Adventure Tuition Limited


There are two lawful bases’ for processing data of customers of Adventure Tuition Limited : 


Consent and Contract




Consent is obtained from clients of Adventure Tuition to collect personal data for the purpose of marketing or to ensure that clients are happy for us to use their information to share our experiences and ideas of Story Frog classes.  We have made the request for consent prominent and separate from our terms and conditions and consent is obtained through the following means: 


         •        Online – Users of our website can choose to subscribe to receive further updates, marketing and newsletters from us


We do not use pre ticked boxes or any other type of default consent and we use clear and plain language which is easy to understand. We ensure that where consent is required we specify why we want the data and what we are going to do with it. 

We give separate and distinct consent options for different types of processing. 



What data will we ask for? 


We may ask for the following information from you: 


         •        Name

         •        Email address

         •        Telephone number

         •        Home address

         •        Childs first name 

         •        Childs birthday 




Why do we need your data? What is the purpose? 


Personal data is required to contact our customers and let them know of any updates or news regarding our services. Consent will be obtained in order for customer to receive our newsletter and for any other updates. 


We will use personal contact information to contact you directly from our central Head Office. We may also share your information with your local Story Frog Teacher in order for them to contact you directly with various offers or events that they are running. 



What do we do with your data? 


Data is stored centrally and securely. 


How long do we keep the data? 


Personal data is kept for the duration of time required for the purpose of collecting the data – after such period of time the information shall be deleted from any computer or device, all hard copies will be destroyed by shredding. An annual audit is carried out to ensure that all data is deleted that is no longer required for the purpose of processing. 



Can I withdraw my consent? 


Consent can be withdrawn at any time and you can do so easily by emailing or by contacting Adventure Tuition Head Office at requests to withdraw consent will be acted on immediately


Online consent can be withdrawn at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button on the newsletter or by emailing Adventure Tuition contact/processor. 



If you refuse consent to give personal information  access to our services will not be affected. 



Recording consent: 


We keep a record of consent given by either – keeping a hard copy of the disclaimer form in a safe place at Adventure Tuition Head Office or with online consent – folders are kept showing a list of subscribers who have given consent by subscribing to our service. 







Where individuals have asked us to provide a quote for tuition services then contract is the lawful basis under which we process individuals data. 



When people contact us what do we do with their data?


For Tuition enquiries: 


         •        We will reply to the individual using the contact information they have given in order to provide them with a quote/further information

         •        We will share their information with their chosen tutor if required in order to fulfil the contractual obligation between them and their local teacher

         •        Once the booking has taken place a record of their personal data will be kept until the period where tuition ceases.  

         •        Their personal data will then be removed from the system and any hard copies of their personal data will be destroyed.. 




Individual rights: 


The right to be informed


All individuals have the right to be informed of what data is collected, how it is used, for what purpose and how long it is kept as outlined above. 



The right to access, rectify and erase information


Individuals have the right to access their information as well as the right to rectify and erase the information we hold. To exercise these rights speak to Adventure Tuition Head Office and inform them either verbally or in writing of this request and this will be acted upon within one calendar month. 


The right to object


Individuals have the right o object to the collection of their personal information or its retention. We will stop processing for direct marketing as soon as objections are received either verbally or in writing to our head office. 




The right to rectification, restrict processing and the right to data portability: 


All individuals have these rights and the requests can be given verbally or in writing, we will act on the request within one calendar month


How to report a breach: 


If you are concerned that there has been a breach of the use of our data you can contact our Head office directly. If you are unhappy with the response further support can be found at


The name and contact details of our organisation: 


Adventure Tuition Limited

Company number: 9190302


Data Controller: Kate Petford


 Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V2NX


Telephone number: 07791860059



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