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At Adventure Tuition we are

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families with high quality,

 enriching and personalised one to one lessons and classes both in person as well as online, enabling families to spend their time enjoying each other rather than struggling to balance school work and relaxation time. We have been tutoring primary and secondary pupils since 2014 and since introducing online tuition our children have thrived, it has given us the opportunity to continue working with families needing remote support as well as support new ones. Our teachers use online resources, activities and follow up work to provide children with a range of different types of activities and methods of working. 

At the forefront of everything we do is developing a love of learning, of ensuring that children become life long learners and begin from their own personal starting points. All children learn at different rates and need support at different times and we are here to provide general advice to parents and caregivers whatever their circumstances. 

As well as one to one online tuition we also offer tutors who can provide online group classes across English, maths, phonics and a range of other subjects for both Primary and Secondary pupils. 

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The creative writing course was brilliant and is probably the best holiday activity that my daughter has done! She loved going along, always came out beaming and buzzing about what she had done during the day with Alison. When the book arrived, the sense of pride and achievement that she read her story with was lovely to see. As well as all the fluffy stuff, she learnt some great techniques to help her creative writing when she is at school which she will now approach with significantly more confidence having done the course.




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