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One to one Tuition 

Did you know we offer tuition for Primary and Secondary pupils? 

There are lots of reasons why parents might reach out for personalised support for their child during their time at school.

Whether your child would benefit from: 

  • Support with a particular area of the curriculum

  • Challenge in a gifted and talented area

  • Specialist help with a learning need

  • Support with entrance exams or SATS

  • Gap filling and a confidence boos

  • Access to support for preparation for GCSE or Level examinations


We can help! 


Send us an email and A TEACHER will discuss your requirements with you! We can discuss whether one to one or group tuition is best for you!

we work our magic

We will come back to you with some options either one to one face to face or online tuition or a place in one of our groups. 

first session

We will complete an initial assessment session. In this session we will establish learning requirements and you will have an opportunity to meet the teacher

no block booking

We never block book sessions just continue for however long you need the support...



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