Group Tuition

We offer a variety of affordable group tuition options for Primary and Secondary children in order to:

  • Build confidence

  •  Support an area of their learning

  •  Catch up with what they have missed in school

  • Provide a safe space in which they can learn with friends. 


As well as group tuition for individual children we also offer support for LEAs and schools who need to provide additional support to children in order to fill gaps in their learning to provide challenge. 


We support businesses who wish to provide their employees with a tuition classes for their children so if you would like a quote for a bespoke class please do get in touch.  

We are offering group tuition and one to one tutoring for primary children during the day including: 

 Maths Tuition - Primary 

Maths Tutoring - Secondary GCSE and A LEVEL

Primary catch up maths programmes

 English Tuition - Primary 

English Tuition Secondary GCSE and A LEVEL

Primary catch up English programme

Creative Writing Tuition 

Book Clubs

French Tuition - Primary

French Tuition - GCSE and A LEVEL

Spanish Tuition  Primary

Spanish Tuition GCSE and A LEVEL

SCIENCE - Secondary GCSE and A LEVEL

We constantly review our offered services so please EMAIL US if you can't find what you are looking for. 

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