As a parent myself, I understand that we are our children's first and most influential teachers.


It can be frustrating when we know our child needs extra support or challenge and we are not sure how to help.


At Adventure Tuition we offer advice for parents on how best they can help their child, as well as discussing where to go next in terms of getting them the academic support they need.


Whether your child would benefit from:

An extra challenge

Academic support with one or more areas of the curriculum Support with school entrance or end of year examinations

A confidence boost

Help learning to read and write


We are happy to help!


At Adventure Tuition we understand that you know your child better than anyone, we make it our mission to listen to the needs of you as parents as well as your child's needs and interests. We also offer support to parents on how they can help their children themselves.


Please do call for free friendly advice and we are happy to discuss your child's requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.